How to cultivate oyster mushrooms?

Nowadays people are getting more and more demanding diets. Pleurotus ostreatus is rich in nutrients and has won people's love. In order to improve the planting level of farmers, Xiaobian introduces the cultivation methods of oyster mushrooms: How to cultivate oyster mushrooms? Linyi Fertilizer-----!

Demystifying the "black auto repair" idiom

A new car has a small problem, but when it comes to the repair station, it can become a serious fault that is extremely serious or even dangerous. Some owners have reflected that the new car lights that have been seen for two months have broken. As the saying goes, eat a long and smart. After sma-----!

Mold unitization

The mold alignment unit is also referred to as the mating guide of the mold blade. In order to ensure the alignment of the upper mold and the lower mold and shorten the preparation time, according to the requirements of product precision and production quantity, the mold alignment unit mainly has -----!

Electrophoretic coating

For continuous production of pass-through electrophoretic coating equipment, the workpiece consists of a continuous production line by means of a hanging conveyor and other processes (pre-treatment-drying), which are suitable for mass production. Definition Electro-coating is a coating method in -----!