There are several ways to reduce the radial force

The method of reducing the radial force is usually the following: â‘  the use of double volute casing pump volute made with two staggered 180 degrees of the tongue, the fluid is divided into two equal parts, due to symmetry, Resulting in two opposite radial thrust, which can reduce the be

How can I buy quality feed?

First, according to the level of feeding, determine what grade of feed to buy. For the farmers, what kind of compound feed, or additives, concentrated feed, should be considered, the price should be considered, the quality should be considered, and

The scope of use of Lichen brand splitting machine

The scope of use of splitting machines is mainly in the following seven areas:
1. Demolition of reinforced concrete floors/walls The Risen brand splitting machines are particularly suitable for the removal and modification of ground/walls with strict shock and vibration control requirement