Common causes of car battery failure

The life of an ordinary car battery is generally about two years, and the life of a maintenance-free car battery is double that of an ordinary battery. However, in real life, car batteries are often not used until the design life is scrapped in advance. There

Shenzhen Architectural Model Design Company

The company is specialized in the design and production of architectural models. It is committed to providing professional, scientific and standardized pre-sale, sale and after-sales services for the planning and display of real estate sales. At present, the company has

Effect of Firebrick Paving Method on Furnace

In the past, the firebrick was laid flat as it was when it was built. The contact with the salt solution was a 65×230 ​​plane of refractory bricks. In this method, the brick seams are transversely straight and pass through the furnace liner or concrete layer, so that the