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Its function is to exchange the current used to generate the electromagnetic field that is “consumed” (actually exchanged) by an inductive load such as a motor, thereby reducing the supply current of the grid. In actual work, when the motor winding increases with the increase of the AC voltage, the output current is supplemented, otherwise it absorbs the current for storage.

In a power system, when a device with a coil is working, a part of the current is taken from the system to perform work. Therefore, the most effective method is to parallel the capacitor to generate a capacitor current to offset the loss of the inductor current.

Q: How does a capacitor compensate for reactive power?

A: Many electrical equipments work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, such as distribution transformers, motors, etc., which are generally inductive in building circuits, which consume reactive power. Parallel power can be used to compensate reactive power.

Q: The working principle of parallel compensation of phase shifting capacitors, and the calculation of compensation capacity, manual compensation device

Answer: As the closer to the end of the line, the reactance of the line is larger, so the closer to the end of the line, the better the effect of the reactive power compensation device. I think the working principle of the parallel compensation of the phase shifting capacitor and the calculation of the compensation capacity, the manual compensation device increases the power. Factor

Q: What is the compensation principle of power capacitors?

Answer: Reactive power compensation device (compensation device with power capacitor compensation) 1. Touch-type capacitor cabinet (old-fashioned): The contactor is used as the switch for switching capacitors. Capacitors work by charging and discharging, and they are put in capacitors.

Q: Principle of reactive power compensation

Answer: The reactive current is running. Although the reactive energy is not charged, it takes up the current carrying capacity of some lines, causing the line current to increase and the line loss to increase. The power factor is increased by the capacitor compensation, and the reactive current absorbed by the load is reduced from the input capacitor.

Q: The working principle, installation method and computer reactive power of reactive power automatic compensation device

Answer: ★The basic principle of phase analysis reactive power compensation is that the current IL lag voltage is 90° in the inductive load, while the pure capacitor current Ic is so that the total current I will lag the voltage by an angle Φ1. If the parallel capacitor is connected in parallel with the load, then I'=I+IC, capacitor

Q: What is the purpose and principle of low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet?

Answer: Compensating capacitors; some people think that the voltage at night is high, and the line compensation capacitors are no longer put into use, making the status of power grid reactive compensation "worry." Indeed, the capacitor itself does not save electricity, but according to the electrician principle we know that the compensation capacitor is in operation

Q: How does the reactive power compensation device work?

Answer: The transmission of reactive power increases the load on the grid and increases the loss of the grid. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate nearby and local. Parallel capacitors compensate or balance the inductive reactive power of electrical equipment. When the capacitive reactive power QC is equal to the inductive reactive power Q

Q: Does the low-voltage reactive compensation capacitor convert a certain amount of active energy when it is working?

A: No. Input capacitive reactive power to cancel the inductive reactive power and improve the power factor. This process consumes a certain amount of active energy.

Reactive power compensation covers high voltage, low voltage, dynamic and static reactive compensation. If you have any problems, please come to our company for consultation. Our professional technical team will give you a satisfactory solution.

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