A new car has a small problem, but when it comes to the repair station, it can become a serious fault that is extremely serious or even dangerous. Some owners have reflected that the new car lights that have been seen for two months have broken.
As the saying goes, eat a long and smart. After smashing the "black trick" of the auto repair industry, you must be good at summing up the lessons and lessons in order to save yourself from losing again. In fact, although the uneven auto repair industry has a variety of grotesque tricks, but there are still traces. With a little attention, you can summarize several of the doorways. Yin Zhao 1 failure of small illnesses This is the most common problem in the car repair and maintenance industry, in summary, it can be minor repairs must be overhauled, can be overhauled must be changed. In short, it is a "small disease doctor", exaggerating its words. A new car has a small problem, but when it comes to the repair station, it can become a serious fault that is extremely serious or even dangerous. Some owners have reported that the new car lights that have been seen for two months have been broken, but they have been told that the whole vehicle circuit may be faulty, so they came to a "body check" and they were very busy. The last account, received a nearly 2000 yuan of high-priced working hours, there is nowhere to complain. Tip: Some repair shops use car owners, especially female car owners, most of them do not understand the weaknesses of maintenance, and earn a lot of money from the river. Therefore, if you encounter a "body check", the owner may wish to ask a few more stores, and the shop will never go wrong. In addition, female car owners should also pay attention to some car maintenance and repair knowledge in peacetime, don't be too ignorant and feel at ease, after all, the last loss can only be their own. Yin Zhao 2 auto parts shoddy usually talk about the price of auto parts, even the industry will be vague, can not clearly say why. For the consumer, it is even more "fog in the fog", just to distinguish the original parts, deputy factory parts, it is enough to make ordinary car owners dizzy. Different parts of the auto parts can have a difference of 80 or more in price, but the quality is hard to say. It is good luck to use it without any problems. If you hit a face, it will be bad. Tip: shoddy is a common trick for many irregular repair shops. Use some car owners to buy cheap fake and shoddy products. When the owner found it, he could get rid of it if he denied it. Even if the low-cost auto parts, the quality is certainly not high, the invisible service life will be shortened, the frequency of replacement will be faster, and ultimately, there will be no more money. Yin Zhao 3 Deliberately making a malfunction A gentleman's car exploded, and he encountered a repair shop on the side of the road. After entering it for a while, the tires were replaced. This gentleman looks at the quality is very good, the price is cheap, and he is very satisfied to leave. Before leaving, the clerk specially reminded me: "This shop specializes in the car's incurable diseases. Other stores can't fix it. Don't forget to look for us." Unexpectedly, since then, the car has always turned off, to many repair stations. Can't find out what's wrong. The owner can only go back to the repair shop where he is specializing in intractable diseases. At this time, he left more eyes and got rid of the enthusiastic receptionist. He quietly came to the workshop and saw the repairman squatting from the intake pipe. A bunch of cotton yarn ends. It turns out that this is the "difficulty" that only they can solve. Tip: Using this trick to attract business is the most vicious. Some repair shops even blend sugar in the lubricating oil. In less than a week, the gears are stuck by sugar, and the general inspection can not find faults. In order to avoid this "difficulty", the owner should still go to the regular repair station. Many repair stations are specially equipped with windows that can be seen in the workshop. The owner can observe the maintenance process of his own vehicle, and it is truly clear and reassuring. â–  Tips For the car to choose a regular repair shop Any industry is good or bad, the same is true for the auto repair industry. The owner can not understand how to repair the car, but must know how to choose a regular repair shop for the car. It is the root of both peace of mind and money saving to learn from the experience of all parties and find a repair station that can be trusted.

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