As the saying goes: the body is the capital of revolution, of our lifetime average time spent per day accounted for nearly one-third of the bed, then buy a suitable, comfortable and safe bed is critical, then the next Let's take a look at the top ten brand beds in 2015 with a small series for everyone to buy reference.

2015 Top Ten Brand Bed No.1 : Su Yu Impression


With the mission of “creating a new space for life and leading a new concept of urban life”, Su Yu’s mission is to “enhance the value of quality and make China’s most environmentally friendly and safe furniture enterprise” as the corporate vision, winning the unanimous respect of consumers and the height of the industry. Recognized; Hanya Royal Furniture meets the needs of different consumers with perfect quality, the ultimate craftsmanship and materials, perfect design and quality, Hanya's brand value has been rooted in the minds of thousands of consumers, gradually Become the vane of the furniture industry. Its products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, domestic sales to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai as a breakthrough, radiating all over the country.

Top Ten Brand Beds No. 2 in 2015: Flanders


Frandiss furniture contains classical elements, ancient rhythm flowing, its melodious charm brings a quiet life enjoyment, its beautiful colors and exquisite patterns, inheriting historical traces and profound cultural heritage, in a smooth and intricate form Come out and give people a sense of luxury and luxury.

2015 Top Ten Brand Beds No.3: Guosen Haomeis


“Haumes” furniture is designed from the unique European style of North Carolina and Spain. It carries the history of the evolution of the American western lifestyle. It inherits the essence of the long-standing culture of European countries in the late Renaissance and abandons too much cumbersomeness and luxury. With classicism, finely crafted and functionally equipped. The surface of the furniture is natural and clear, transparent and three-dimensional, unique in shape, elegant and noble. It reveals the eternal and long-lasting fragrance, full of nostalgia for history, and strives to build a pure and beautiful living space, which also reflects your luxurious style. Make you feel respected.

2015 Top Ten Brand Bed No.4: St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg's furniture is made of materials, and the materials and components used are carefully selected to ensure the durability, comfort, nature and style of the furniture in the site. With a simple heart and unrestrained management of the perfect furniture art, using modern top technology to create a peerless boutique, to bring you value-for-money art enjoyment.

2015 Top Ten Brand Bed No.5: Enjoy


Enjoy the furniture factory is a large furniture company specializing in the design and production of solid wood furniture. The company has a modern factory building and administrative office building, covering an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters and hundreds of employees. The company integrates R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. At the same time, it has a consultative sales team. It conducts full-track tracking and one-stop service from the specialty store to the later operation. The sales network covers the whole country. The company respects the simple style and fashion of Denmark. Taste and functional design, the wood is made of high quality ash imported from the United States. With excellent processing technology, it creates elegant and sleek and simple solid wood furniture. The gold teak is painted with color, which is full of modern taste.

2015 Top Ten Brand Beds No.6: Kafia


Kafia bedding products use imported, high-quality wood, environmentally-friendly E-class high-density board, high-quality environmentally friendly paint as raw material, new European classical furniture produced with unique craftsmanship and advanced equipment, and its smooth, solemn and simple carving The expression technique fully reflects the traditional craftsmanship of China, and absorbs the essence of European art and blends with the traditional Chinese culture, showing the noble and luxurious.

2015 Top Ten Brand Beds No.7: Marunchi


Hangzhou Marunchi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with its mission of “creative quality of life”, is one of the earliest companies engaged in the manufacture of classical European and American furniture. Its English name, Monarchy, reflects its value. The American-style sofa and suite furniture produced by Marunchi, the heavy temperament, the carving of the living spirit, the exquisite craftsmanship and the simple charm... give the European and American home a new connotation, highlighting the new realm of home life, and is valuable. The perfect space for life creation.

2015 Top Ten Brand Beds No.8: Stars Meishu


The company has advanced German and Italian solid wood furniture production lines. The company always adheres to the high design, high quality and high level development strategy, and adopts advanced production technology to produce a series of modern solid wood furniture with unique style. Yaqinju Furniture designs, develops and produces the “Yaqinju Pine Series” and “Stars and Young Children's Pine Series” products in a “natural, friendly and people-oriented” style.

2015 Top Ten Brand Bed No.9: Safin


The neoclassical style is a combination of European neoclassicalism, Chinese Ming and Qing styles and Western modern design trends, combining classical and modern, Western and Oriental, simple and luxurious. The neoclassical style of furniture - Safin, is the inheritance of this essence. Neoclassical furniture - Safin, is the inheritance of this essence. Safin series of neo-classical furniture, exquisite workmanship, succinct and simple style, based on the straight line, taking the straight line as the main body, pursuing the harmony and echo of the overall proportion, with ebony, African rosewood premium veneer and walnut bark Raw materials, with imported high-grade velvet cloth, gold foil, silver foil and other fashion elements, hand-made classics rich in European classical Baroque era.

2015 Top Ten Brand Bed No.10: Fairytale Forest


All the wooden parts of the fairy forest use African arboreal (Russian elm) and Malaysian rubber wood; plus the design methods such as “curved surface, chamfer”, the product lines are rough, the corners are round, the materials are heavy, and the style is simple and atmospheric. There is no exaggerated color and decoration, which caters to the internationally popular “natural return to fashion”; it exudes a strong natural atmosphere.

The above is the recommended top ten brand bed in 2015. I hope that you can refer to the purchase. I believe that I will get the right home bedding in the top ten brand beds in 2015 .

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