Nanyang Hu's furniture news news Wujinmu furniture because of its natural wonderful texture, natural metal texture makes it finally in the furniture market to spell their own day, but no one is perfect, nothing is absolutely. Wujinmu furniture also has its shortcomings. Below, Xiaobian will take a look at the shortcomings of Wujinmu furniture.

乌金不家具为人知的一面 南洋胡氏为你解析乌金木家具缺点

1. Although Wujinmu furniture has beautiful texture and high hardness, it has many disadvantages. It can't adapt to the environment that is too cold or too hot. Whether it is dry or humid, it may cause damage to the material of Wujinmu furniture. Therefore, when using, try to avoid the environment of too cold or too hot.

2. The various treatments of Wujinmu furniture are very troublesome, and the requirements for methods and techniques are extremely high. If the furniture is made of Wujinmu, these two items are not closed, and the furniture materials will be decayed and will fade, which will affect the overall beauty of the furniture. Degree and quality.

乌金不家具为人知的一面 南洋胡氏为你解析乌金木家具缺点

In summary, if the Wujinmu furniture is compared to the ancient rich lady, it is appropriate, although noble, practical is not bad, but it is difficult to wait. As can be seen from the above, Wujinmu furniture is demanding in terms of the use environment and daily maintenance.

As for the shortcomings of Wujinmu furniture, Xiaobian introduces this to everyone. More information is available in Nanyang Hu.

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