What is the order of decorating the house ? For the little white with no decoration experience, this terminology may be half-baked. The process of renovation is so tedious that all sorts of small details that need attention, such as a lot of hair, will make many of the renovated rookies fall into panic. In fact, no matter what you do, the most important thing is to focus on the backbone and focus first. As the saying goes: Everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as we do a good job in the preparation of the decoration before the renovation, it will avoid a lot of trouble. Let me explain the relevant knowledge of the order of house renovation .

First, the renovation of the house order

1, pre-design

According to their own living habits, the entire measurement is accurate. Include: Clear wall dimensions.

2, the main demolition reform

The construction phase includes: wall removal, wall building, etc.

3, hydropower reform

After the main body was demolished and reformed, hydropower reform was followed. In the meantime, the first cupboard measurement is required. Including: The location of the outlet and the water meter are suitable. Immediately after the toilet waterproof.

4, woodworking

Next, it is: Wood - tile - oil. Principle - Who is dirty and who is the first.

5, tiling

Bricklayer, the second child, involves three steps: 1. The installation of the threshold stone and marble windowsill. 2. Install the hood. 3. The second measurement of the cabinet.

6, brush wall paint

“The oldest oil worker” mainly paints furniture. If you want to stick wallpapers, you can do base layer processing on the wall.

7, kitchen and toilet ceiling

When the ceiling of the cabinet is installed, it is best to install ceiling lamps, exhaust fans, and bathroom heaters.

8, cabinet installation

The ceiling is over and the cabinet door is installed. At the same time can install the sink and gas stove, open gas.

9, wooden door installation

Wooden door installation. At the same time, the hardware to be installed is ready.


10, floor installation

The second day of the wooden door installation, the floor is installed. Note: 1. Let the manufacturer survey whether the ground needs to be leveled and clean. 2. Cut the floor in the hallway when installing the floor.

11, paving wallpaper

The second day of the floor installation, wallpaper paving. Pay attention to the floor to be protected. Try to "do not have anything."

12, radiator installation

The wallpaper is laid out the next day and the radiator is installed. Wooden doors - floor - wallpaper - Radiator is the correct installation sequence.

13, switch socket installation

The number and location of switch sockets should be recorded, and the owners need to be aware of them.

14, lighting installation

Install lights. Say goodbye to the 100-watt incandescent lamp.

15, hardware sanitary installation

Lighting fixtures and hardware wares are well installed and the home is really "live".

16, curtain rod installation

The installation of curtain rods means the end of home improvement.

17, pioneering cleaning

When pioneering cleaning, the home tries its best to maintain a "flat" so that it can thoroughly clean.

18, furniture approach

Purchase of furniture. It is recommended that the size of furniture be known after the water circuit is completed.

19, home appliance installation

Appliances approached, the installation of the installation, ready to stay.


20. Home Accessories

Home accessories are the last step. It is advisable to consider buying some green plants, decoration crafts and so on.

Second, decoration house order matters needing attention

1 decoration company choose to be cautious

Check the decoration company online and choose a small company. In order to save costs. In the renovation, we must strengthen supervision.


2. Supervision of the decoration process

Casually looking for a decoration company, it is best to supervise the quality of workers' decoration. Avoid unnecessary economic disputes.

3. Material selection must be serious

The decoration materials should consider the cost-effectiveness, and consider a series of knowledge such as the style of home decoration, the grade of decoration, the overall effect, and whether it is environmentally friendly and healthy. Different building materials should pay attention to different matters.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant knowledge of the renovation of the order of the house . There are also some notes on the decoration of the house. I hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

Renovation house order

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