[China Aluminum Industry Network] 08 aluminum briquette: Cold rolled steel hot-rolled plate used (usually washed over) after the leftover tailings, pressed into a block and sold to the steel mill to return steelmaking.


The northern region is often named after this, while in Guangdong, it is called the red lace material, and in the Sichuan-Yunnan region, it is called light material (because it is relatively thin). In East China, it is called red sheet material and cold sheet material. and many more.

Because of the low carbon content and no rust, the material is among the higher grades among scrap steels. It is often used by small furnaces to reduce carbon consumption. Generally, it comes from automobile factories and refrigerator washing machines.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Aluminum sheet mainly include 1000 series ,3000 series,5000 series , for instance ,1060,3003,3005,5052,etc.

sheet thickness :0.2-3.0mm, width <1300mm, coating thickness as per customer's request.

Color-coated aluminum coils are color-coated on aluminum plates or (aluminum coils). Common fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum and polyester color-coated aluminum are widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum veneers, and aluminum honeycomb panels. Aluminum ceiling, roof surface, leftovers, cans, electronic products. Its performance is very stable and not easy to be corroded. After special treatment, the surface can reach 30 years of quality assurance. The weight per unit volume is the lightest among metal materials.

The color coated aluminum coil is processed by washing, chromizing, roll coating, baking, etc., and the aluminum coil surface is coated with various color paint coatings.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

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