A baby is a baby between March and 1 year old. When the baby is born, the spine is straight, the back and the back of the head are on the same plane, and the newborn's head is almost the same width as the shoulder. The side is natural, so there is no need. pillow, except that sometimes in order to prevent spits up, baby elevate the upper body 1cm, that is when your baby with a pillow relatively good, new mothers horse immediately get up.

婴儿什么时候用枕头 新妈妈注意事项

Infants 3-12 months: When the baby grows up to 3 to 4 months, the cervical spine begins to bend forward, and the pillow can be pillowed 1 cm high when sleeping.

When you start to sit for 7-8 months, the baby's chest spine begins to bend backwards and the shoulders are also widened. At this time, the child should sleep with a pillow about 3cm high. Too high or too low is not conducive to sleep and normal body development. Usually, pillows are easy to form a hunchback, which also affects the smooth breathing and blood circulation in the neck, affecting the quality of sleep and the mental state during the day.

Young children (1-3 years old): The height of a general child's pillow is 6 to 9 cm. At this time, the spine of the child is basically formed, and the height of the pillow can be gradually adjusted in order.

婴儿什么时候用枕头 新妈妈注意事项

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