At present, many living room restaurants are integrated, some people think that there are partitions, and some feel that there is no need to cut off. Partition refers to the façade that is used to separate the indoor space. The application is more flexible, mainly for occlusion. Generally, it is not under the board, and some can even move. Today, the decoration of the home network of Xiaobian will come with everyone to see the restaurant partition door decoration points and restaurant partition door selection method!


Restaurant partition door decoration points

The restaurant partition not only distinguishes the different functions of the space, but also enhances the layering of the space or the role of beautifying the space. According to the needs of the owner, different restaurant partitions have different functions, and the right place can make

Your room has a lot of color.

First, the screen partition - the most free split

The screen partition is characterized by small size and lightness, and can be moved at will, a variety of colors, where to put where to put.

Second, glass partition - the first choice for the bathroom

The glass partition is bright and transparent, and has the function of expanding the space. The room with smaller area is also suitable. The waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties of the glass also determine that it is the first choice for sanitary partitions. Glass partition is best based on size

Do, sell in all major building materials markets.

Third, the screen partition - the most free separation

The screen partition is characterized by small size and lightness, and can be moved at will, a variety of colors, where to put where to put.

Fourth, the bead curtain partition - the eyes of the house

The bead curtain is the eyes of the house, and a beautiful bead curtain will add a romantic touch.


Restaurant partition style

1. The most popular partitioning method is undoubtedly the dimming glass partition. This is a truly high-tech multi-functional partition, which can effectively cut the space, and can easily choose the privacy and openness of the space, while at the same time

Demonstrate the presentation at any time on the broken wall and use it as a whiteboard.

2, office decoration design should pay attention to the shape of the space, because it is not a real wall that we use, but space is enclosed them together virtual. If your office doesn't have a decorative glass partition, then your office environment is too late.

Many companies use glass as the office partition. Many companies in the West use glass partitions to solve a lot of space problems. Everyone should know that glass partitioning is particularly good, and it can also solve the space. The price is similar to the partition wall, but from Aesthetically, that difference is too big. Many companies use glass partitioning effect is particularly good.

Restaurant pop-up door mix trend

1. The shaping of the image. The partition does not bear the weight, so the freedom of modeling is very large, and the design should pay attention to the change of height, length and virtual reality.

2, the color of the match. The partition is part of the entire living room and the colour should be coordinated with the basic part of the living room.

3. Material selection and processing. Based on the above two principles, we can carefully select and process materials to achieve a good image and a wonderful color. The partition is a non-functional component, so the decorative effect of the material can be placed in the first place.

Choose restaurant partition door method

Small units are good for selecting partitions that are strong, have a small footprint, and have a function of use. The front and rear transparent storage display frame is commonly used for the partition space. The display cabinet is divided into a plurality of storage compartments, which can be used for placing decorative ornaments or placing books as bookshelves, and does not affect indoor ventilation and lighting.

The hollow carved board or screen can not only play the role of blocking and partitioning, but also increase the three-dimensional and layered sense of the overall space. Its exquisite and beautiful appearance also adds to the artistic atmosphere of the living room.

The wine bar bar partition is also one of the flexible means of separating the living room and dining space. The great advantage is that the two spaces are constantly spaced and keep echoing each other, making the whole space transparent and open, full of modern fashion sense.

The restaurant is placed close to the living room area, with the sofa back as a natural break line. The regular layout increases the space usage and makes the whole space look compact but not crowded. The above is the small restaurant editors today introduced the restaurant partition door decoration points and selection methods to end here, want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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