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Introduction to the "in-the-shelf packaging of rolling bearings"

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-02-09

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The inner packaging of the bearing is divided into three categories according to the anti-rust period:
1) Short anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of 3 to 6 months; suitable for large-scale delivery to the same subscriber; bearing put into use in a short period of time. After two sides agreement; easy to use as a guideline; use simple packaging.
2) Usually rust-proof period packaging: one year rust-proof period; suitable for bearings of common use.
3) Long anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of two years; suitable for special and fine bearings.
Bearing inner packaging materials include polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain and crepe polyethylene composite paper, carton, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening tape or plastic fastening tape, waterproof high-strength plastic tape , linen bags, etc. The above information must be ensured that the corrosion resistance function of the data is qualified.
Guidelines for bearing inner packaging methods:
1) Extra large bearings:
Single set of three-layer wrap-wrapped single-layer four-layer wrapped package: wrapped in the above three layers wrapped; the outermost layer is wrapped in a layer of linen tape.
For separable tapered roller bearings with an outer diameter of ≥150mm; the polyethylene film should be placed before the inner and outer components before packaging; or the inner and outer components should be separated and packaged separately.
For exchangeable cylindrical roller bearings with an outer diameter of ≥150mm; it is simply scratched by the package; it can usually be separated and packaged separately by the components inside the watch.
2) Large bearings:
Packed in polyethylene film or polyethylene composite paper; then put into a carton and use polyethylene film bag; single set of folded bag mouth; then put into a carton, single set into special plastic box, single Set of three-layer wrapped package: polyethylene film tape or composite paper tape for inner layer; fastening tape for middle layer; waterproof and saturated plastic tape for outer layer.
3) Medium and small bearings:
Multiple sets of bearings are wrapped with polyethylene film, external kraft paper or polyethylene composite paper. Multiple sets of bearings are packed into a plastic tube (box). Single sets of bearings are packed in polyethylene film bags. After folding or sealing the bag mouth, reload Into a carton.
4) Miniature bearings: Each 10~15 sets of bearings are loaded into a plastic cylinder; every 5~10 plastic cylinders are loaded into a carton (or bag, roll).
The usual information and requirements for bearing outer packaging are as follows:
1) Double corrugated boxes; the total weight (gross weight) of each box does not exceed 25kg; the plastic packing straps are used for bundling outside the box, 2) the nail box (wooden box); the total weight of each box does not exceed 30kg; the outer box is bundled with blue steel strips. 3) Calcium plastic corrugated box; the total weight of each box does not exceed 25kg; the box is loved with plastic strapping.
When the bearing product with the inner packaging is put into the box; the plastic bag or plastic film should be padded in the box first, if there is empty space in the box; it needs to be filled with dry materials such as corrugated paper and paper scraps.
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