The decoration of the villa is a troublesome project. After the renovation, the soft decoration will be carried out. The quality of the soft decoration will affect the atmosphere of the whole villa, so the design of the soft decoration must be taken seriously. The soft design can reflect the personality of the owner and highlight the decoration style of the villa. How to design the villa soft ? Let’s take a look at the villa design and skills and attention. matter.


Key points of villa soft design:

Before planning in the soft decoration of the villa, it is necessary to have ample exchanges. It is necessary for the planners to fully understand the master's day habits, interest preferences, economic strength, soft and hard clothing are inseparable, in the villa soft decoration planning Time must be related to hard-wearing. In the process of continuous communication and perfection, it is very good to make the soft decoration of the villa, so that all the soft clothes are full of the quality of the owner's day.

There are many other small ornaments to be considered in the soft decoration of the villa. A small ornament on the coffee table is also to consider all the beauty. The lamps in the living room are a key point. The blending of flowers, paintings, handicrafts, etc., every small place can not be sloppy, but also need to think about ethnic customs. Soft clothing is to build an air, a suitable family environment, so all the soft clothes are to think all about starting.

Villa softcover design tips:

First, from the decoration style to match the soft

Home accessories should be combined with the overall style to find out the approximate style and color, and it is not easy to make mistakes according to this unified tone. For example, the simple home design, the home furnishing with design sense is very suitable for the personality of the whole space. If it is a natural country style, it is mainly based on natural wind home accessories.

Second, from the functional to match the soft

Soft-packing can be divided into three categories from the functional point of view, one is for practical purposes, such as large love single, cutlery, hangers, sofas, coffee tables, etc.; the second category is ornamental, decorative for Purpose, such as furnishings, ornaments, vases, potted plants, etc., and one type is the combination of the above two, such as porch, partition, curtains and so on. Therefore, when designing a soft-fit design, it is necessary to integrate the various parts organically to form a unified whole.


Villa softcover notes:

First of all, the indoor soft decoration reflects the character of a person. If you are extroverted, that is, lively and cheerful people, you can use the cheerful orange series in the color, you can choose the chic print on the pattern; if you like the luxurious style on the texture, you can choose cotton and chemical fiber. If you are a quiet and introverted type, you can use the fine flower, goose yellow or light pink series. The flower pattern can be elegantly woven, or the craftsmanship is excellent. In the texture, it is best to choose a softer silk. Weaving, cotton, chemical fiber, etc. If you are a person who pursues individual style, you can choose natural flowers, or creative flowers, dreamy colors, flowers and flowers, but you must pay attention to the fact that colors must be coordinated. Flowers are not chaotic, there is silence in the movement.

Secondly, indoor soft decoration is suitable for all seasons. It not only reflects the mood of the four seasons, but also regulates people's emotions. It does not need to spend a lot of money to change furniture frequently, and does not have to move furniture positions frequently. Small rooms can present different appearances. Give people the feeling of a new home. In spring, the light color of the bright tone can be used, and the color can be free. The curtain should be made with a higher transparency. On the one hand, the sun can shine in, and the interior looks bright in spring; on the other hand, the spring can be seen through the curtains to make people feel comfortable. In summer, it is best to use cool colors such as green and blue. It makes people feel cool when they enter the house. It is not too hot and irritating. The curtains are preferably double-layered, with thick inner layers and thin outer layers. The light can adjust the temperature. When both layers are pulled up, the temperature can be lowered. At night, a thick layer can be opened and the air can be exchanged. In autumn and spring, you can also use the orange series and orange series first, and continue to use it in winter.

The above content is the introduction of the villa soft-pack design points and skills and precautions brought to you by this small series. For your reference, I believe that after reading this article, we will also have a certain understanding of the villa soft, I hope to be able to Give some advice to friends who are working on villa renovations. For more exciting home improvement content, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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