On February 8, the provincial government convened the province’s education video teleconference on safety production warnings, implemented the spirit of national and provincial safe production video teleconferences, and reported three typical cases of production safety accidents in 2017. Vice Governor Wu Xiaojun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wu Xiaojun pointed out that the “2.52” major fire accident in Nanchang City, the “5·15” major road traffic accident in Yingtan City, and the “8·26” major explosion incident in Wengxian Fireworks Firecrackers Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Wanchang County took place last year. There are many weaknesses and problems that cannot be ignored in the work of enterprises, governments, and departments. Some deep-seated problems and problems in the safety production field have not yet been fundamentally resolved. We must analyze the causes in depth and receive warnings from the lessons learned from accidents. Safe production must strictly implement responsibilities, strictly obey disciplines, strictly supervise management, and strictly inspect enforcement. This year, we will focus on ten major rectification operations and conduct comprehensive, systematic, and in-depth risk investigations and remediation of coal mines, non-coal mines, fireworks and other ten industries and fields. All localities and relevant departments must increase their political standing, adhere to the responsibility of holding the land, assume responsibility, and exercise due diligence, and ensure that the measures for the 10 major rectification actions require rooting and real results.

Aluminum Diamond Plate 3003-H22 is easy to fabricate and its raised diamond pattern provides good slip resistance and walking stability. 

Application and uses of Aluminum diamond tread plate 3003-H22 bright are: extensive product use as scuff plates, running boards, and mud flaps for fire engines, ambulances, fire trucks, trailers and toolboxes, recreational, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.


Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond plate sheet

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