In the process of house decoration, bricklayers need to work on the ground tiles, wall and door window plastering, which is one of the indispensable steps in the renovation process. Then let Xiao Bian tell everyone about the bricklayers in the decoration process of the matters needing attention and ensure the safety of the operation of what are it!

What are the construction considerations for bricklayers?

1. When the bricklayer is constructing, he should first perform the basic treatment on the wall surface, then hung the net, spray the slurry, make the ash cake, scrape the bottom rough, and finally press the fiber mesh on the surface.

2. Make ash cake according to the specified size and ensure the squareness of the whole room. The corners of the room should be vertical or horizontal. The door frames should be square and vertical. The top of the door should be kept flat. Finally, they can be sized according to the specified dimensions. paint. At the same time, pay attention to the brushing of the hair on the surface of the wall of the kitchen and bathroom and then brush again in the longitudinal direction with the brush.

3. Pay attention to the control of water on the wall. Each layer of mortar must be painted first and then painted. The thickness of the paint between the layers should not be too thick. The material should be wiped evenly and smooth.

4. When painting, moisten the wall surface in advance and shave the bottom. These steps are recommended to be carried out at least one day in advance. When scratching the bottom, care should be taken to ensure the flatness of the entire wall, and to lay the wall to do the maintenance of the entire wall.

5. The construction materials should be strictly in accordance with the requirements, and be precise in their matching ratios, so as to avoid the problem of poor construction quality due to inaccurate use of materials. Different types of materials can not be mixed together. After construction, attention should be paid to timely clean up the scattered mud and cement ash materials to avoid waste and pollution.

6. The common part of the tiling brick containing thermal insulation mortar should be covered with steel mesh to increase the heat resistance of the entire wall.

How to Improve the Construction Safety of Bricklayers

1. Bricklayers should wear correct labor protection articles, wear them neatly before entering operating positions, and pay attention to the safety of the construction environment in advance.

2. When the wall masonry exceeds 1.2 meters, scaffolding shall be erected; between 1.2 and 4 meters in height, footrests and guard rails shall be provided. When the height exceeds 4 meters, a fixed safety net should be added to the scaffold and a mobile safety net that can be lifted along with the height.

3. When the work environment is vertical and cross-over, the bottom bricklayers should wear safety helmets and safety barriers to prevent debris from falling during the operation.

4. The bricklayer must keep a certain distance from the high-voltage wires when working at height, and avoid touching exposed wires. In asbestos shingles and other low-gravity working environments, such as light roofs, walkway boards must be laid, and they cannot be directly in asbestos. Walk and operate on the roof tiles while installing a safety net under the truss to ensure safety.

Xiaobian epilogue: The above is Xiaobian's introduction of some related knowledge in the construction process of bricklayers , hoping to provide certain reference value for friends interested in this area. Want to know or ask more questions? Welcome to follow this site!

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