The hair dryer is now available in almost every home. It is a must-have home appliance. In addition to hair dryers, hair dryers can also be used for local heating and drying of some items. Choosing a hair dryer is really good considering that it won't damage the hair when it's blown dry. So how much hair dryer power generally? How to choose a hair dryer?


How much hair dryer power?

In fact, to determine the power of the hair dryer is not difficult, just look at the speed of drying hair on it, the greater the power of the hair dryer, the hair will dry faster, but the radiation will be larger.

The power of the hair dryer is proportional to the thickness of the heating wire and, of course, is proportional to the size of the radiation. The common common hair dryer power is mainly: 250 watts, 350 watts, 450 watts, 550 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts.

Family common power: 600W-800W; if it is professional common power: 1200W-1800W

How to choose a hair dryer?

1, hair dryer power

Different people need different hair dryer power. When choosing a hair dryer, their own hair dryer power is actually different. The hair is relatively short or is a relatively small friend. It is better to choose a hair dryer with a relatively small power, and the hair is relatively long. Also more friends, if you want to quickly dry your hair, then you have to buy a hair dryer with a relatively high power.

2, consider the noise

Many hair dryers are relatively noisy when used, so that it is relatively easy to affect themselves and others. In general, hair dryers with relatively good quality are generally used with less noise. When they are purchased, they should first turn on the hair dryer. The hair dryer is no big noise.

3, check the details

When purchasing the hair dryer, we can check the setting of the hair dryer in some details to see if the hair dryer is leaking when used, or if it is a hair dryer.

4, choose folding hair dryer

If it is a friend who will often go out, it is recommended to purchase a small and practical hair dryer. The foldable hair dryer will allow you to easily take it away from your suitcase.

The above is the hair dryer power introduced by Xiaobian. How to choose a hair dryer? In fact, the overall power of the hair dryer is relatively large and relatively power-consuming. Its role is not only in blowing hair, but also in winter has a wide range of uses. For beauty-loving girls, the hair dryer is almost a family must.

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