The general condition of the lock is bad. If you encounter the lock core of your home door, you can replace it with a new lock cylinder. How much is the price of the lock cylinder now? What steps do you have to change the lock cylinder? So, next, we will introduce the specific steps for changing the price of the lock cylinder and changing the lock cylinder yourself. If you have any interest in this area or are interested in this, you can learn more about it together with Xiaobian. It!

How much is the price of replacement lock cylinder?

The price of the lock cylinder of the door is graded, and the prices of different materials and different buying channels are also different. For example, it is relatively cheap to buy lock cylinders online, and if you do it yourself, you will save a lot of money. The current price of the lock cylinder is generally between 80-400 yuan, and individual high-grade, high-quality lock cylinders have a price of over 500 yuan, while the labor cost is around 50-200 yuan. Therefore, if you want to change the price of the lock core, you will need 100 yuan, which is a very good deal. (prices are for reference only)

What are the steps for replacing the lock cylinder?

1, first select a new lock cylinder, and then ready to change the cylinder tool. Use a screwdriver to unscrew all the screws that secure the panel. The operation is simple.

2. After unscrewing the screw, place the screw first. Here we must remind everyone to reinstall the lock cylinder back, do not screw the screws on both sides of the lock cylinder too tightly, so as to avoid the door handle too tightly affect the opening of the lock. Then remove the handle and lock cap.

3, remove the handle, lock sleeve and screw together, so that you can clearly remember how to install the original, also avoid parts lost.

4, then the screw will be fixed out of the lock cylinder, so that the lock can be removed, if you encounter a situation where the screw can not be screwed down, you can use the hammer on the left and right sides of the lock knocked down, then unscrew the screw.

5. After that, you can install the new lock cylinder. Follow the first few steps to install the lock cylinder first, then install the door sleeve and the handle, and then fasten the screw fixing the panel.

6, after a good lock cylinder is installed, you need to test, if there is a problem in the adjustment, this can also avoid problems, resulting in damage to the lock cylinder. The test method is to use a key to rotate the 360-degree twisting insurance, which can be passed without any problem. Otherwise, it is not installed.

The article concludes: The price of the replacement cylinder is not particularly expensive, and the steps for replacing the cylinder are also very simple. Therefore, after reading this article, I believe that if you need to change the cylinder at home later, you can refer to it for sharing. Operation, I believe that can save you money, but also for your convenience. In the end, hopefully, this article will provide you with the replacement lock cylinder price and the replacement lock cylinder step.

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