The decoration of the house is not easy, but the decoration of the store needs more attention. In addition to considering the placement of the items, we must also consider the aesthetics of the customers, but the decoration of some lattice shops is relatively easy, then the lattice How to design the decoration ? What are the places where the lattice decoration needs us to pay attention? Let's introduce it to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to design lattice decoration

1. The decoration of jewelry stores and other shops is very different. Generally speaking, the accessories are relatively small, so we need to highlight their texture in the furnishings. In order to achieve such an effect, you can use warm lighting, lighting in the jewelry store decoration is also a very embarrassing method, it makes the jewelry beautiful and radiant.

2. The obvious modern minimalist style, and now we see this style is biased towards the pastoral style. The bottom plate and the partition of the lattice are all in the form of waves, which leads to the small lattice of some lattices, the light of each lattice is different, and it depends on the goods when renting to the seller.

3. The main selling items in the grid shop are these things. Jewelry, necklaces, earrings, etc., these things don't need a lot of space, so a grid can be completely placed, people can see a variety of things in a dazzling array of small shops.


Second, the lattice decoration points

1. For the question of how to decorate the grid, first of all, it is necessary to make a reasonable space arrangement for the grid. When decorating the lattice shop, it is necessary to match the products sold to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere. With this atmosphere, the characteristics of the product are highlighted to attract the appeal of the customer. When decorating, the owners should grasp the strength of the decoration and present the best decoration level.

2. In the decoration grid, color is a good helper. If your product is a daily necessities, it will give you a warm feeling when you decorate. If your product is a high-tech product, use a arrogant, cool color to match the decoration. If your product is full of fashion, choose some stylish colors to match.

Some shops are designed in plaids, especially those that sell small ornaments. How to design and check the lattice decoration is what we need to pay attention to. Through the introduction of the above small series, I think everyone knows about these. If you still want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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