The bathroom is an important area of ​​home life, so not only must be beautiful, non-slip, but also pay attention to the choice of tile color in order to create a comfortable, clean bathroom space. What color is so good bathroom tiles affixed to it? Here we will introduce: What color tile is good for bathroom and Fengshui taboo for bathroom tile color? Hope can help you.

What color tiles in bathroom are good:

1, small area bathroom tile color matching skills

If the bathroom area is not large, you can choose vitrified tiles, it not only has the effect of expanding space, but also can enhance the brightness of the space, so that space is no longer dull depression. The color of the wall tile is preferably light-colored. The light-colored wall tile has both the effect of expanding the space and the function of a bit of decoration, so that the bathroom can present a perfect decorative effect.

Medium-sized bathroom medium-sized bathroom

If the bathroom is medium in size, it can be paved with warm-colored wall tiles in a large area or a small area, or it can be paved with cold-colored wall tiles to highlight the personality of the space. However, the colors of wall tiles and floor tiles must be unified so as to create a natural and comfortable bathroom space.

3, a large area of ​​the mix of bathroom tiles color

If the bathroom area is adequate, you can choose dark-colored wall tiles, but when dressing, you must match the light-colored waistline brick in the middle or the light-colored skirting brick at the bottom, which can improve the brightness of the space. Let the space not be too boring. In addition, the color of the floor tiles should be the same as the color of the walls, but light-colored sanitary ware should be used to highlight the noble atmosphere.

Bathroom tile color feng shui taboo:

1, in the choice of tiles, it is best not to choose monochrome tiles, so as not to be too monotonous, giving a boring feeling. Instead, you should choose a tile with a pattern or a waistline brick in the middle of a monochromatic tile. This is not only beautiful, but also enhances the brightness of the space. Therefore, it is favored and loved by everyone.

2, if the bathroom area is very small, then you have to choose white tiles, this will not only have the effect of extending space, but also can make the space more clean and bright.

3, in the choice of tiles, it is best not to choose large red, gold and other fire colors, but to choose orange, blue and other hot and cold color tiles, this is not only simple and stylish, but also can enhance the family's fortune.

The article concludes: What is the color of the tiles in the bathroom and the related knowledge of Fengshui taboo in the color of the bathroom tiles is introduced here. If you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this website. We will have more exciting content.

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