Summary 1, two departments: the name of private training institutions can not be labeled with China, China, etc. 2, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: to ensure the cancellation of traffic "roaming" fees on July 1st to cash 3, the United States: the United States will send a delegation to China to discuss trade issues in China Welcome the US Treasury Secretary to visit China and urge the United States to abide by the WTO...

1. Two departments: The names of private training institutions may not be marked with the words China, China, etc.

2. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Ensure that the traffic “roaming” fee is cancelled on July 1st.

3. The United States: The United States will send a delegation to China to discuss trade issues. China welcomes the US Treasury Secretary to visit China and urges the United States to abide by WTO rules. The US Department of Justice investigates that Huawei may violate the sanctions against Iran.

4, Germany: Ben Laden's former bodyguards received 1100 euros of relief in the month, 9000 yuan

5. Military: Russia was completely intercepted by the Russian air defense system at the Syrian Air Force Base

6. Policy: Housing leasing assets securitization gates will open several trillion yuan market is being activated

7. Copyright: pirated 3.28 million children's books, 8 people were sentenced to the largest piracy case since the founding of New China

8. Law: The draft of the British and British Protection Law is intended to increase the number of articles against the "fine elements"

9. Beijing: Children with households without housing can enroll in the rental place

10, the society: the girl was slashed and alarmed for one month without progress online posting 1 day hacking all the people to the case

11, what is a good friend, that is, regardless of men and women, can understand you, understand you, cherish you, respect you, care about you, can be called a friend... It is an honour to make a loved one; A friend is a kind of wealth; it is a lucky life for you to make a friend who knows your heart; and a person who can talk to you can tell you what it is, a kind of decompression; talk to someone who knows you, A kind of enjoyment, chatting with someone you like is a kind of happiness; talking to someone who likes you is a kind of happiness! Friends, meeting is not necessarily important, and it is most important to have talent in your heart. Grateful friends who are never to leave!

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The Mainly products including seamless brass tubes,Copper round tubes,copper alloy tubes,

By light drawn and hard drawn process,with Drawn tempers H55,H80,Annealed temper O61,

Drawn and stress-relieved temper HR50.

We can produce as the international standards as follows:

JIS H3000

BS2871,BS EN12449

The Copper/Copper alloy/brass tubes and Pipes with Normal Grade

UNS NO. C10100,C10200,C10300,C10800,C12000,C12200,C14200

UNS NO. C22000,C23000,C26000,C27000,C27200,C27400,C28000

UNS NO. C33000,C33200,C37000

UNS NO. C44300,C44400,C44500

UNS NO. C60800,C61400,C68700

UNS NO. C70400,C70600,C71000,C71500,C72200,C71640

Our cold drawn brass tubes sizes range from tube diameter 3-150mm,wall thickness

0.3-8mm mainly for the application of mechanical industry,condensor brass tubes,air 

cooling system,heat-exchanger copper alloy tubes,chemical industry,etc.

Copper Alloy Brass Tube

copper alloy tubes,brass tubes,seamless copper alloy round tubes,brass round tubes,seamless brass tubes,square brass tube

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