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NTN bearing high temperature rigid high-end equipment needs

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-30

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The appearance and layout of the NTN bearing parts and the core are quite different in terms of condition, layout and function. In addition, some NTN bearing parts have large differences; the whole heat treatment can not be taken into account; the potential of the data is not fully utilized. Use the appearance to enhance the skills; not only can deal with the appearance of the heart and the difference in the required parts; and further the appearance of the work to obtain some special features; to meet the job requirements of NTN bearing work under specific conditions. This modernization The development of scientific skills often has meaning.
It is usually thought to exceed the temperature of 120 ° C; high temperature operating conditions will be considered at this time; general NTN bearing steel tissue changes will occur and the yield strength will gradually decrease; loss of accuracy; when the NTN bearing temperature exceeds the tempering temperature NTN bearing data; Its hardness is significantly reduced; operating temperature exceeds 180 ° C; hardness decreases sharply; fatigue and wear quickly in the early stages.
High temperature NTN bearing steel commonly used at 180 ° C under low load; NTN bearing steel; can be used for high temperature tempering (160 ~ 300 ° C); if the hardness is not met; will be able to sub-high temperature NTN bearing steel; this steel at 250 ° C Left and right temperature GCrSiWV.
Name NTN bearing steel; NTN bearing steel has high compressive strength and fatigue limit; high hardness; high wear resistance and certain resistance; good hardenability; very strict control of sulfur and phosphorus; is a high quality steel Can not feel cold steel. Proportion: 7.81
NTN bearings operating at high temperatures; to ensure satisfactory hardness and fineness and shape stability; accuracy and center of some NTN bearing service life; in high temperature NTN bearing steel, the following requirements are required:
1) not lower than the high temperature hardness of HRC50?56; the stability of the microscopic layout;
2) Good stability at high temperature scale; thermal expansion coefficient.
3) Outstanding oxidation resistance, solid and outstanding wear resistance and fatigue strength; outstanding thermal shock resistance; and can accept sharp temperature changes; the resulting oxide film and substrate; better thermal conductivity;
4) There should be a function of NTN bearing steel and other materials.
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