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How to remove the imported bearings in the motor

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-26

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Motors are usually cleaned and refueled after 2000 hours of use. The imported bearings are cleaned in two ways:
First, the hot oil removal method is used for a long time; soft dry oil or anti-rust cream hardened bearing; should be immersed in 100 200 ° C hot oil; clamp the bearing with pliers; use brush to clean the oil on the bearing. Soft The dry oil or anti-rust paste is melted when heated to 100 200 ° C; it is simply washed out of the gap of the bearing. Sometimes the bearing is shaken repeatedly in the oil. The oil will also flow away from the gap.
When removing the centripetal spherical bearing of the old motor or the imported motor; the ball, the bead frame and the inner ring should be laterally turned out from the outer ring and then immersed in the hot oil; the roller should also be removed when the short cylindrical roller bearing is removed. , the bead frame, the inner ring and the outer ring are disengaged. When the hot oil is removed; the temperature of the oil should not exceed 20 ° C. If it is directly heated with an open flame; care should be taken to avoid burning the oil; the bearing should be hung in the oil pan The sinking of the bottom will cause overheating and reduce the hardness.
Second, the general removal method put the bearing in the fire oil soak for 5 10 minutes; pinch the inner ring with one hand; the other hand transforms the outer ring; the dry oil or anti-rust cream on the bearing will fall down. Then put the bearing into In a more hygienic kerosene; rinse with a soft and soft brush; wash the oil in the balls and crevices; remove it in petrol once; remove it and put it on clean paper. Centripetal ball bearings and short When the cylindrical roller bearing is removed, the ball, the bead frame, the inner ring and the outer ring should be disconnected and removed.
The removal of the bearing mounted on the shaft; mainly by the method of oiling or spraying with oil gun; the oil that is simply removed is first used with kerosene and then with gasoline, it is difficult to remove the oil; first wash with 100 200 °C hot oil Or oil gun eruption; use gasoline to remove. Must pay attention to not use sharp things to scrape the bearing: hard grease or rust; avoid damage to the bearing tumbling and groove ring finish; cleaned bearings dry with a clean cloth .

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