As we all know, installing a toilet is a relatively easy matter. So many homeowners usually choose to install after they buy the toilet. Of course, if you want to install the toilet more perfect, we must understand some installation techniques. Here we take a look at the toilet installation method!

Toilet installation method 1. Check the level of the sewage pipe and the ground

Before installing the toilet, first check the sewage pipe to see if there is any sediment or waste paper inside the pipe. It is also necessary to see if the toilet is installed horizontally from the floor. If the floor is not flat, the floor must be leveled before installation.

Toilet installation method 2. Determine the center of the sewage pipe

Before installing the toilet, check the center of the drain. We can turn the toilet upside down, then we can determine the center of the toilet's sewage outlet, and we can draw a cross centerline at the center, and the crosshairs also extend to the perimeter and bottom of the toilet.

Toilet installation method 3. Fixed toilet

When fixing the toilet, the cross line of the sewage outlet on the floor should be aligned with the toilet so that it can be ensured that the sealing ring can be pressed when installing the toilet, and the decorative cap and the foot can also be installed.

Toilet installation method 4. Make the bottom seal

When you fix the toilet, you must add a sealing ring on the sewage outlet of the toilet. You can also apply glass glue or cement mortar around it.

Toilet installation method 5. Install the tank accessories

Before installing the accessories of the tank, you can put a few minutes of water to flush the pipe. Then you can install the connecting hose and angle valve, and then connect the hose fittings and the hose. At the same time, remember to press the water source.

Toilet installation method 6. Commissioning inspection

After the toilet has been installed, a commissioning inspection is performed so that it can be understood whether the seal and the water valve are normal or not, and whether there is any flexibility in the position where the water valve is installed and whether there is any leakage or jamming. Also, remember to see if the water valve has a filter installed.

Editor's summary: The method of toilet installation was introduced to you in the above article , hoping to give you some help. However, it should be noted that if you do not have the confidence to install a toilet, you can let professionals help. To learn more about the installation of toilets, you can always pay attention to our website!

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