Bathroom cabinets are now the standard configuration of bathroom decoration. There are many finished bathroom cabinets on the market. However, there are only four to five thousand sets of good-looking solid wood. If there is a bit of brand awareness, it will be more expensive. In fact, there is another option, which is to build a bathroom cabinet on site during decoration.


1. It is strong and durable . Cement is definitely more durable than board, solid wood, PVC, stainless steel and other materials. Don't worry about whether the wood will be afraid of water or whether the metal will rust. The cement will be fine;

2. Beautiful , this depends on the style matching, and the other is the quality of the workers' craftsmanship; this article has selected dozens of styles for your reference to make styles, which one you like to choose;

3. Save money , it is more expensive than some cheap finished bathroom cabinets, after all, labor costs are also high now. The cost of labor and materials for building a washbasin is at least one thousand yuan, plus the basin, faucet, drain, hose, angle valve, etc., which is less than five hundred, and a well-known brand is more than five hundred. .


1. The fixed ones cannot be changed and cannot be changed after they are done; (Of course, no one who is okay will not change them)

2. It occupies space. Generally, the thickness of brickwork is relatively thick, and the storage capacity of cabinets of the same size is small.

There are actually many ways to build bathroom cabinets by yourself. Generally, bricks are used for the pillars on both sides, and cement is also used. For countertops, cement boards are generally used, or reinforced concrete is cast in place. The surface is basically tiled, mosaic, and some countertops also use marble.

Self-built steps reference:

1. Build both sides and bottom with bricks;

2. Use wooden boards to support, pour cement countertops or use ready-made cement boards;

3. Pave tiles.


1. It is necessary to consider whether it is an above counter basin or an under counter basin;

2. It is necessary to consider whether to install the door or the curtain or nothing; (the door can be customized)

3. It is necessary to consider whether to design partitions in the middle;

4. If you need more storage space, you can consider changing the sewer pipe into a wall row when doing hydropower;

5. The mosaic looks good, but it will be troublesome to clean in the future;

6. The installation of the faucet on the thick table requires extended fasteners;

7. It is recommended to select the basin and faucet to determine the size before starting construction.

8. Find an experienced and reliable craftsman. ( Most important )

â–² Determine the color style of the sink according to the overall style and bathroom style

â–² Self-built sinks are most used in Mediterranean and pastoral styles

â–² Other American styles are also often used

â–² There are also Scandinavian or modern-style bathrooms that choose self-built cabinets. The color style of the sink mainly depends on the color and collocation of the tiles on the surface

â–² If the style is modern, you can consider making it with marble, with a single color

â–² Materials such as old elm wood can also be used, and the surface can be varnished and waterproof.

â–² It can be matched with the overall tile placement of the bathroom to determine the placement of the sink tiles

â–² In addition to ceramic tiles, mosaics are also often used

â–² Especially the Mediterranean style will use blue mosaic

â–² The problem with mosaic is to use a better caulk, so that it will be easier to keep clean in the future, and it will be easier to clean the countertop

â–² The choice of above counter basin or under counter basin must be considered in advance, because it is related to countertop production

â–² If it is an under-counter basin, you must leave a hole on the countertop to insert the basin

â–² The choice of the basin is also related to the faucet, and the faucet should be selected at the same time as the basin.

â–² The self-built countertop is relatively thick. Choosing the faucet may require extended fasteners, otherwise it will not be installed. If you want to use the wall-mounted faucet, you must lay the pipes before doing the water and electricity.

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