• Model NO.: J2500
  • Usage: Engineering Plastics
  • Advantages: Own Plant,High Quality,Favorable Price
  • Trademark: JUHESHUN
  • Specification: Granules
  • HS Code: 3908101200
  • Material: Polyamide(Nylon 6.66)/PA
  • Color: Colorless Transparent
  • Viscosity Range: 2.54±0.03
  • Transport Package: 25kg/Bag or 780kg/Bag
  • Origin: China
PA6 is a high quality thermoplastic engineering plastic in the form of granulate for injection moulding and extrusion made by polycondensation of caprolactam.
Product Model Name of Production Product Introduction Product Properties Primary Use
PA6 (J2500) Engineering Grade Nylon-6 Chips Low Viscosity and bright Nylon-6 granules adopt Swiss EMSS techniques of atmospheric-pressurized double tube continuous polymerization.
Viscosity Range:

High intensity,high flowability and high shock resistance.
It applies to Nylon staple fiber and modification of nylon composite material and also applies to injection moulding and manufacture of electric switch plug-ins..

J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw MaterialAPPLICATION: 
Civilian and industrial high-spinning,conventional spinning, food-grade and medical-grade packing film,carpet yarn,fishing nets,ribbon,trimmer line,direct injection molding of engineering plastics, mechanical parts,high-loaded mechanical components,electric switch plugins,equipment,modification of composite materials,etc.

J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw MaterialR&D STRENTHS:
The company has a strong ability of research development of advanced Nylon6 polymerization technique and abundant engineering management experiences.There are polymerization under atmospheric pressure and high pressure,recovery extract water,revers osmosis concentration,etc. In terms of product development,we have advanced laboratory and R&D equipment at all levels for all kinds of small scale tests with advantages of product development from polymeric modification to spinning.
J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw Material

The PA6 production line is overall designed by the Uhde company.We introduce the the company's production patented technology and imported polymerization reactor, at the same  time the domestic listed company Beijing triple rainbow new synthetic technology Services Limited (stock code 300384) takes responsibility for basic design and engineering installation . Patent technology company and engineering firm served for project are the world's top companies in the field of PA6 industry , and provide guarantees for continuous and smooth operation of devices. Now a project of "annul capacity of 100,000 tons nylon chips" has been officially put into operation on May 1, 2015.
J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw Material
Hangzhou Juheshun New Materials Co., Ltd. Was established in 2013. Registered capital of 40 million dollars, the company covers an area of 103.9 Mu and the construction area of 52, 000 square meters. It completed the first phase total annual output 100, 000 tons PA 6 production equipment in 2015. It is a integration of nylon chip research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our Company supplies a variety of Nylon-6 chips such as injection sections, modifying slices, film grade chips, marine fisheries spinning slice, slice of high-strength fibers, differentiated civil spinning slice and so on.The company carried out project cooperation successively with domestic well-known Universities such as ZheJiang University and also conducted technical cooperation with University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw Material

J2500/Polyamide-6 Granules/PA6/Nylon-6 Chips/Pellets/Plastic Raw Material

1.Do you have  after-sales service of the plastic particles? 

We will track our customer regularly,record the feedback and contact customer to know suggestion feedback forwardly.

2.Can you provide any technical guidance of the plastic particles?

Our company will provide free detailed and long-term technical guidance.

3.Do you have any product quality assurance?

We will take responsibility if the plastic particles have any quality problem during the quality guarantee period.

4:Will you send to us if we need plastic particles  in hurry?

Yes,sure,we have reliable supplying system for long time!


Laser Line Generator Lens

Powell prism is a kind of optical prism, which can optimally divide the laser beam into a straight line with uniform optical density, good stability and good linearity after passing through it. The scribing mode is better than the Cylindrical Lens and can eliminate the central hot spot and faded edge distribution of the Gaussian beam.

powell lens 1

powell lens 2.1

powell lens 2

powell lens 3

powell lens 4

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