【China Aluminum Network】 1. Discoloration and discoloration of aluminum-plastic panels and discoloration of aluminum-plastic panels are mainly caused by improper selection of panels. Aluminium-plastic panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two types of boards are different, which determines their applicable different occasions. The plates used in the interior are generally coated with a resin coating. This coating cannot adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate its aging process and cause discoloration and discoloration. The surface coating of outdoor aluminum-plastic composite panels is generally made of a fluorocarbon resin coating with strong anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet resistance. This type of panel is expensive. Some construction companies deceived the owners to impersonate anti-aging and anti-corrosion high-quality fluorocarbon plates with indoor plates, and squeezed unreasonable profits. As a result, the aluminum plates used in the project were seriously discolored and discolored.

2. The plastic-opening of aluminum-plastic panels, the opening of aluminum-plastic panels and the shedding of aluminum-plastic panels are mainly due to improper selection of adhesives. As an ideal adhesive for outdoor aluminum-plastic board project, silicone rubber has unique advantages. In the past, China's silicone rubber relied heavily on imports. Its price was deterred by many people, and only those curtain wall projects that were expensive on high-rise buildings were dare to pay attention. Now, China's Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places have put into production of different brands of silicone rubber, resulting in a sharp drop in prices. Now, when buying aluminum plastic board, the seller will recommend that kind of special quick-drying glue. This glue can be used indoors and used in the outdoor where climate change is unpredictable.

3, the deformation of the surface of the aluminum-plastic plate, the cause of the deformation of the surface of the aluminum-plastic plate from the drum, and the reasons for the drumming are various. Previously in the construction, there have been such quality problems, we used to think that the quality of the plate itself; later, after a concentrated analysis of everyone found that the main problem lies in the paste of aluminum plastic plate on the substrate, followed by aluminum plastic The quality of the board itself. Dealers often provide us with the construction process of aluminum-plastic panels. The basic materials that we recommend to use are mainly high-density boards, wood boards, and the like. In fact, when these materials are used outdoors, their service life is very fragile. After being blown by the wind, sun, and rain, they will inevitably undergo deformation. Since the grass-roots materials are all deformed, why does the aluminum-plastic board as a surface layer not deform? It can be seen that the ideal outdoor base material should be rust-proofed and the angle steel and square steel pipes should be combined into a skeleton. If conditions permit, the use of aluminum profiles as skeletons is even more desirable. The cost of the skeleton made of such metal materials is not much higher than that of wood keel and high density plates, which can really guarantee the quality of the project.

4, aluminum plastic plate glue neatly spliced ​​aluminum composite panel in the decoration of the building surface, the plate generally has a certain width of the gap. For aesthetic needs, black sealants are generally filled in the gaps. In order to save time, some construction workers do not use paper tape to ensure the orderliness and rules of plastic injection. Instead, they use the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel as a substitute. As the aluminum-plastic board cuts, the protective film will produce different degrees of tearing, so use it as a substitute for the protective tape, it is impossible to neatly gather the glue. Through the analysis of some common quality problems encountered in the processing and assembly of aluminum-plastic panel (composite aluminum panel), the measures and methods for solving the problems are proposed. This will inevitably cause the construction staff to apply aluminum-plastic composite panels when processing and installing aluminum-plastic composite panels. Common quality problems can be prevented and controlled. Aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite material processed by a special aluminum-plastic-plastic panel production equipment with a chemically treated coated aluminum sheet as the surface material and a polyethylene plastic core material. The unique properties of the aluminum-plastic composite panel determine its wide range of uses: It can be used in building facades, curtain wall panels, renovation and refurbishment of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display racks, purification and dust prevention engineering. Aluminum-plastic composite panels have been widely used in China and belong to a new type of building decoration materials.

Geogrid is divided into plastic geogrid, steel-plastic geogrid, glass fiber geogrid and polyester warp knitting polyester geogrid four categories.

Plastic grille

The tensile direction of the polymer net, which has a square or rectangular shape, can be stretched in one direction and two - way.It is extruded through extruded polymer sheets (mostly polypropylene or hdpe), and then directional stretching under heating conditions.The unidirectional tensile grille is only drawn along the length of the plate.The bidirectional tensile grille continues to stretch the grid of unidirectional stretching in a direction perpendicular to its length.

Due to the rearrangement of polymer polymers in the manufacture of plastic geogrid, the bonding force between the molecular chains is strengthened and the purpose of enhancing the strength is achieved.Its elongation rate is only 10% ~ 15% of the original plate.If the anti-aging materials such as carbon black are added to the geotextile grille, it can have good resistance to acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Steel plastic earthwork grille

Steel-plastic geogrid with high-strength steel wire (or other fiber), through special processing, with polyethylene (PE), and add other additives, by extrusion compound high strength resistance to stay with it, and we have rough surface embossing, is for the high strength reinforced belt.From this, the single belt is prepared or sandwiched by a certain spacing, and the welding technology of special strengthening adhesion is welded to the contact point, and it is a reinforced soil grate.

Product features:

Large strength and small deformation;

Creep decreases;

Corrosion resistance and long life: the steel plastic earthwork grille is made of plastic material as protective layer, with various auxiliaries to make it anti-aging, oxidizing property, acid, alkali, salt and other bad environment corrosion.Therefore, the steel and plastic earth grate can meet the requirements of all kinds of permanent works for more than 100 years, and the performance is excellent and the dimension stability is good.

Construction convenient and quick, short cycle, low cost, steel-plastic geogrid laying, easy lap, positioning, leveling, avoids overlapping cross, which can effectively shorten project cycle, engineering cost saving of 10% 50%.

The glass fiber

Glass fiber geogrids is fiber glass material, adoption of a certain mesh structure material made of weaving process, to protect the glass fiber, improve the overall performance, after the Shanghai juji process of special geotechnical composite material.Glass fiber is the main ingredient: silicon oxide, inorganic material, its physical and chemical performance is very stable, and has great strength, high modulus, high wear resistance and excellent cold resistance, no long-term creep;Good thermal stability;The reticular structure allows the aggregate to be interlocked and limited;To improve the bearing capacity of asphalt mixture.Because the surface coating has special modified asphalt, it has two heavy compound properties, which greatly improves the abrasion resistance and shear ability of geogrid grate.

Features of glass fiber earthwork grille:

High tensile strength and low elongation - fiberglass earthwork grille is made of fiberglass and has high resistance to deformation, and the fracture elongation is less than 3%.

No long-term creep - as reinforced material, has the long-term load ability to resist deformation under the condition of the creep resistance is extremely important, creep, glass fiber does not happen this ensures that the product can keep for a long time performance.

Thermal stability, fiber glass melting temperature above 1000 ℃, that ensures that the fiberglass geogrid under thermal stability in the paving operation.

The compatibility with asphalt, fiberglass geogrid in the post-treatment process of coating material for asphalt mixture design, each fiber were coated in full, the compatibility with asphalt has the very high, thus ensuring the fiberglass geogrid are produced in the asphalt layer with asphalt mixture segregation, but strong together.

Physical and chemical stability, after special treatment for coating processing, glass fiber geogrids can resist all kinds of physical abrasion, and chemical erosion, also can resist against erosion and climate change, to ensure its performance is not affected.

Aggregate interlock and limitation - because of the network structure of glass fiber earthwork grille, the aggregate of asphalt concrete can run through it, thus forming mechanical locking.Such restrictions hamper the aggregate movement, the asphalt mixture in the load to be able to achieve better compaction state, higher bearing capacity, better load transfer performance and small deformation.

Polyester fiber warp knitting

Noil product introduction

The warp knitting polyester geogrid is a kind of reinforced embankment of new geotechnical base material with high quality, adopt high-strength polyester fiber as raw material, and after the warp knitting direction detection rubberized coating by the special craft processing and become.

Noil product features

The warp knitted polyester grille has high tensile strength, small elongation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong bite force, light weight and drainage.

Noil product use

Road, railway, municipal road and other road soft soil roadbed reinforced, can effectively improve the strength of roadbed, delay the reflection crack of road;2. Reinforcement and isolation of levees and watercourses in water conservancy projects, strengthen the foundation of soft soil, enhance its protective ability and improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation;3. Used for embankment slope reinforcement, retaining wall and reinforcement, enhancing the overall strength.


High strength, small creep, suitable for all kinds of environmental soil, can satisfy the high grade highway high wall to use.

It can effectively improve the embedded lock, occlusion action of the reinforcement load, the bearing capacity of the foundation and the lateral displacement of the soil, and strengthen the stability of the foundation.

Compared with the traditional grille, it is more powerful, bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform eye, convenient construction and long service life.

More adapted to the deep sea homework, embankment reinforcement, fundamentally solves the other materials do stone cage by long-term water erosion caused by the low strength, poor corrosion resistance and short service life and so on.

Can effectively avoid the construction damage caused by the crushing and damage during construction

It is applicable to the road base of various roads, railways and airports.

It is applicable to the large parking lot and terminal depot.

Suitable for railway and highway slope protection.

Applicable culvert enhancement.

It is suitable for the second enhancement of the soil slope after the reinforcement of the unidirectional stretching geogrid, and the soil slope is further enhanced to prevent soil erosion.

Reinforcement of mines and tunnels.


Earthwork grille is suitable for all kinds of embankments and roadbed reinforcement, slope protection and wall reinforcement.The large airport, parking lot, wharf and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.

Earthwork grille is used to increase the bearing capacity of road base and prolong the service life of road base.

The earthwork grille is used to prevent the surface of the road from collapsing or causing cracks to keep the ground beautiful and orderly.

Earthwork grille is used for construction convenience, save time, save effort, shorten construction period, reduce maintenance cost.

Earthwork grille is used to prevent culvert from producing cracks.

Earthwork grille is used to enhance soil slope to prevent soil erosion.

Earthwork grille is used to reduce cushion thickness and save cost.

Earthwork grille is used to support the stability of the slope planting MATS


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