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Analysis of the influence of the selection of bearing data on the bearing function

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-06-22

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When testing the strengths of chrome steel and stainless steel as bearing data; it is found that they are not only resistant to rust. Chromium steel is the most common bearing material. It is stronger than stainless steel; so the service life is longer. However, at higher At the temperature; its function is not so good.
At a high temperature of 120C; it will undergo a large deformation; the load is reduced. It can withstand the high temperature of 150C; but the higher temperature of 150C may reduce the bearing life. Heat treatment can make the bearing accept the 170 170C High temperature.
The most common stainless steel 440 for bearings; it satisfies the sturdy and sturdy load; (20% less than brass steel); but it can resist rust; can withstand the enthalpy of 250C 高温 高温 300C continue to heat. Wrongly think that all stainless steel is not magnetic; 440 stainless steel is magnetic; it is not completely rust-proof; but is affected by salt, acid, alkali. 316 grade anti-rust function is very good; no magnetic; However, it is softer and therefore less loaded; because it is not strong; so 316 bearing accuracy is not high; feel rough.

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