Filtering principle:

3M water purifier patented filter membrane has a unique “casual tightening” internal structure. The inner layer of the outer loose layer is advanced progressively and has strong dirt holding capacity. The advanced high polymerization technology adopts ultra-fine powdered activated carbon through polymer materials. The re-sintering polymerization improves the content and effectiveness of activated carbon, and the filtration and adsorption performance far exceeds that of similar products.

1. When the product is used for the first time, please open the inlet valve to remove the air in the system. After the water flow is stable, close the faucet and observe whether the system is leaking. If any water leakage occurs, reinstall the leaking point immediately.

2. The system should be drained for 5 minutes before use.

3. If you do not use the water purification system for a long time, please close the water inlet valve to prevent accidents. If it is used after a long time, please open the faucet and drain it for 3-5 minutes before use.

4. The service life of the water purifier filter is related to the water quality of the water source, the total water consumption, etc. If there is a small flow of water or a strange odor in the water, replace the filter element in time.

Compared with other water purifiers, 3M water purifiers have five characteristics:

The 13M water purifier is small in size and flexible in installation. It does not affect the use of the original faucet and does not destroy the original decoration.

The 23M water purifier is small in size, but its function is never lower than 5 filters. The 3M water purifier does not need to be flushed. The integrated disposable filter cartridge is used to facilitate replacement and avoid secondary pollution.

The activated carbon in the 33M water purifier is different from other activated carbons. It uses high-polymerization technology to re-sinter and polymerize ultra-fine powdered activated carbon into a dense activated carbon rod through a special polymer material, which greatly improves the content and effectiveness of activated carbon. Sex, effectively remove heavy metal pollution.

The 43M water purifier uses medical-grade pleated membrane filtration technology to completely remove spore cysts and bacteria from the water, preserve the original mineral elements in the water, and ensure clean and safe water.

The difference between the 53M water purifier and other water purifiers is that it does not require a pressure relief valve. Water loss through the water purifier is less than 1 Gps and the loss of water pressure is very small, so there is no need to worry about the filter film exploding.

3M water purifier water purifier brand water faucet

Brandt Shaker Screen

Brandt  Shaker Screen  models:  Brandt King Cobra Shaker Screen, Brandt VSM300 (Primary, Scalping, Secondary) Shaker screen,Brandt BLT-50/LCM-20 shaker screen, Brandt 4'X5' Shaker Screen, Brandt Hybrid shaker screen,  Brandt D285P Shaker Screen.

Brandt  Shaker Screen types also  includings  steel frame shaker screen and composite frame shaker screen.

1).  Steel frame shaker screen main feature as follows:

  1. These products screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with s steel backing plate and steel frame combined together. Because of different mesh size and hole size, get an better filtering effect.
  2. The bottom high strength steel frame, supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth, combined together, infinitely enhance the screen intensity and endurance, get an better filtering effective. Mesh sizes ranging from 20to 325. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces, prevent the part excessive expansion damaged, with a special rubber plug together to repair damage, can save the time to replace the screen, Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.


Brandt Shaker Screen

2) Compoiste Frame Shaker Screen is made by polyurethane material frame with two or three layers 304 or 316 Stainless steel wire cloth, Main feature as follows.
  1. High strength plastic frame and moderate tension screen cloth that from a reliable whole, greatly enhance the tolerable.
  2. The screen is divided into several independent small cloths to pervent excessive expansion of local damage.At the same time, With a special rubber plug to repair damage, it can save time and reduce use-cost.
  3. Rapid wedge tensioning devices make screen installation more convenient, and save the time of machine half for changing.
  4. Excellent polyurethane material frame enhance corrosion resistance, have a good stock absorption and ectend working life of screen


Brandt Shaker Screen

Brandt Shaker Screen,Brandt Oil Shale Shaker Screen,Brandt Shale Shaker Screen,Shale Shaker Screen

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