The development prospect of bathroom hardware China's Taowei Hardware Exhibition "target=_blank> exhibitions are numerous. From the recent product release and publicity of sanitary hardware exhibitors, we can understand the development trend of bathroom hardware in the future. This development trend is generated. The result is that consumers who are increasingly pursuing quality of life can meet their essential needs for attention to detail and space.

E-commerce and internet marketing are inevitable

The only bathroom is one of the star companies that can not be ignored by this year's Ceramic Expo. The exhibition "target=_blank> exhibition planning is a bright spot, but the more important highlight is its combination of e-commerce and channel operation. However, very Few other companies have done more in combination with the network. In combination with bathroom hardware products, the author believes that e-commerce will be popular in the field of bathroom hardware, and network marketing will occupy half of the corporate brand promotion.

More colorful

In the gorgeous bathroom exhibition hall, gold-plated, antique, brushed and other colorful springs make people shine, while the shower heads are rich in red, yellow and green. In terms of bathroom layout, a single color tone has made consumers tired, and more color choices and combinations are undoubtedly popular among consumers. When the color of tiles, toilets, basins and bathroom cabinets is more abundant, the faucets, showers and pendants of bathroom hardware must also need more colors to cooperate.

More user-friendly design

Each Taobao showcases some artistic faucet products, as well as some shower products with back rinse. However, as far as I know, these products are not fully recognized by consumers. Therefore, on the one hand, the education process of consumers, on the other hand, the product design of bathroom hardware companies needs to be closer to the actual needs of consumers. Personally believe that the future products of bathroom glass door locks will be closer to the actual needs of consumers in terms of function, and more humanized in design, to meet the consumer's vision, touch and even smell, and thus meet the psychological needs of consumers.

More material combinations

At present, the bathroom hardware mainly adopts the combination of copper and steel. The inner core generally adopts copper material, while the appearance adopts stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel material, and the surface is chrome-plated. From the latest Taobo meeting, Bathroom hardware is more embedded in plastics, glass and other materials to meet the design and function. Especially in appearance, stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel can not meet the design needs. Therefore, more material combinations will appear in bathroom hardware. The author believes that the current bathroom hardware neglects a very useful material, that is, the application of aluminum. At present, aluminum materials, especially aluminum alloy materials, have been fully applied to aerospace, automobiles, household appliances and even cookware, and safety and practicality have been proved. Therefore, the application of aluminum to bathroom hardware should be an inevitable trend.

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