Since ordinary glass fiber is not alkali-resistant, and glass fiber mesh cloth is buried in the cement polymer mortar surface layer, alkali corrosion occurs under the joint action of water and alkali. Therefore, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth must be used. At the same time, it must be plastic coated to ensure that the interweaving point is not bad. In the experiment, the following conclusions are drawn: the smaller the mesh mesh is, the better the crack resistance is, but the mesh is not easy to be pressed into the mortar when the mesh is less than 3mm@3mm, the construction performance is poor, and the mesh is more than 6mm@6mm. The melting performance is obviously deteriorated. Therefore, it is advisable to select 4mm@4mm or 5mm@5mm for the mesh. b The mesh surface layer must be coated or glued. Otherwise, the interlacing points are easily misplaced, the mesh cloth has a large margin of movement, the plaster quality is difficult to control, and the cracks are easily generated at the misalignment. c The ultimate elongation of glass fiber mesh should be as low as possible to avoid skin cracking at the joint of the insulation board, and the elongation should not exceed 3%5%, which is why the surface reinforcement material is made of glass fiber. The reason for the grid cloth.

Insulation performance insulation performance is a key indicator of external thermal insulation. For this reason, according to the total thermal resistance value of the main part of the external wall and the thermal performance parameters of the external thermal insulation material used, refer to the actual test results, according to Beijing The citizens use the building energy-saving design standards to calculate and determine the necessary thickness, and the insulation performance meets the energy-saving design standards. Some projects now use a precision welded wire mesh frame combined with a polystyrene and rock wool board to provide a strong bond to the main body. The percentage of steel bars passing through the wall is high, which results in more cold bridge points and lower insulation performance. The TJW board and the main body fixed steel connection and expansion bolts, the average of 23 per square meter, less cold bridge points, in each board installation, the board is provided with soft anti-cold bridge polystyrene on all four sides Articles, taking these appropriate building construction measures, try to avoid local heat bridge problems, and effectively improve the insulation efficiency.

Stellite tipped saws have shown to be able to:


•Increase run times.


•Cut with thinner kerf.


•Produce a smoother sawn surface.


•Reduce sawing variations - Better cutting accuracy. (allowing for tighter target sizes)


•Reduce the power consumption during cutting.


•Reduce the cutting downtime for saw changes and saw maintenance.


•Increased saw life due to the ability to achieve more sharpening and at longer intervals.


Stellite is also more resistant to the abrasive acids found in some woods like red cedar.

This allows the tips to stay sharp longer than carbide tips and significantly longer

than swaged saw steel when cutting unseasoned woods.


We have produced more than 100 kinds of specifications tips and export to Canada, USA,

France, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Russia etc. more than 40 countries and areas.


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