On October 24th, at 10:08, the opening ceremony of the 5th Anniversary of the Reality, the Luxury Design Hall and the Fashion Life Museum was held in the same period in the real life of the Mercure Home Living Museum Square, and a series of "Mind for Muse" was launched. activity. In the pavilion, Truth Mercure held a new oil painting exhibition entitled “Looking for a Living Muse” and presented a feast of home culture. The event was attended by many universities across the country, such as Nankai University, Hebei Normal University, and Zhejiang Media College. Actively participate in the collection of works for the whole country, and Truth Mercure selected a selection of oil paintings for your appreciation. “Looking for a residence in Muse” is the theme of this series of activities, and it is also the theme of this oil painting exhibition. The Truth Mercure Design Center also wants to share with you: Muse is not a goddess of wisdom that is often misunderstood in Greek mythology, but an elf who urges people to self-recognize and inspire people to think and inspire. Myself self-private is equal to thought. Whether it's a Wall Street Nova or a Kindergarten baby, you need your own independent thinking space. In the design concept of Mercure, a family must not only consider the harmonious time of coexistence, but also consider the unique needs of each member. Related links: Truth Mercure looking for a residence Muse to create a new home in China's home interior more realistic and beautiful design peak forum picture please click >>>>> More realistic real 5th anniversary and opening ceremony pictures please click >>>> >

4.0MM SPC Vinyl Flooring can be easily installed on different type of floor base, either concrete, ceramic or existing flooring; 

It`s formaldehyde free, completely safe flooring covering materials for both residential and public environment.

UV coating is a very important and necessary processing for SPC Flooring (Rigid vinyl plank), which is processed after the extrusion or lamination and before profiling (chamfering).

The main reasons for UV coating on SPC flooring (Rigid vinyl plank) are as to enhance the surface wear-resistance feature, we use 0.3mm (12mil) or 0.5mm (20mil) wear-layer on our SPC Vinyl Flooring to make it strong wear-resistance for heavy traffic or home using.

4.0mm SPC Vinyl Flooring

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