"Our homeland is a bright flower in the garden garden..." It’s time for the children’s favorite Children’s Day. In such a baby-only festival, what kind of gift should I prepare to please the children? Compared with the previous delivery of toys, the furniture seems to be more practical and innovative. In this issue of the special planning of June 1st, I followed the recent hot Daddy and their cute baby to discover the things that children's beds are buying. First, the purchase of warm tips for the purchase of children's beds, you can choose according to personal preferences and economic ability, but some factors must be noted. 1. Safety first, the children's bed should try to avoid the appearance of corners and corners, and use rounded edges to avoid bruises and bruises. Second, there must be a guardrail at the bedside, strong and have a certain height to prevent the child from falling down from the bed during sleep. Third, check the joints of the bed regularly, especially if there is a metal framed bed, the screws are easy to loosen. 2. The material is environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly logs are the ideal material for making children's furniture. It is best to use environmentally friendly water-based paints. Second, it is not recommended to use brightly colored paints. Color paints contain a large amount of lead, and color furniture is likely to exceed lead. The brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals it contains. Third, the absolute zero formaldehyde furniture does not exist. It is recommended that the children's bed should be put on hold for a period of time after buying the home, so that the formaldehyde in the furniture is volatilized and used. Second, according to the growth stage to buy 1. 0-4 years old children stage shopping features: the baby of this period, the skin is delicate and tender, so in the design of the crib, we must pay attention to its details, fully consider the baby's Physiological characteristics. And there is plenty of room on the bed to play on, so that the child will fall off if it turns over. The wooden cot is ideal, both strong and gentle. Natural materials, environmentally friendly process design, and processed into wear-resistant treatment and environmentally friendly paint. 2. 4-8 years old children stage shopping features: Because the baby grows up at this stage very fast, so it is very necessary to buy a convertible children's bed, it can be a combination with a slide The elevated children's bed can also be a children's bed with a climbing frame. It can also be combined with a desk, a cabinet, etc. into an L-shaped, one-piece set of furniture. 3. 8-12 years old boy stage shopping features: For this stage of the children are not very active, they need an independent living space. Taking functionality and practicality as the focus of the bed, you can choose a combination bed with a bookshelf study table. The colorful and child-friendly children's room will give your child a strong sense of belonging, and the children's bed can also have A variety of options can be selected based on the size of the living room. Third, according to gender differences to buy 1. Boys with points: reasonable storage + space is spacious, a mischievous boy, often messing up the room, it is particularly important to have a quick and convenient storage bed. You can choose the bed with the storage cabinet at the bottom of the bed, or the desk and storage cabinet below, and the high bed with ample space above. This at-a-glance design clearly tells the child how to pack his belongings. 2. Girls with the main points: the color is sweet + decorative embellishment girl room design is mainly the theme of quiet, feminine. To create a princess bed in a girl's dream, let the room have a sweet taste everywhere, and choose the bedding with the warm colors such as tender powder and lavender as the main color. Cartoon animals or flower patterns can be the theme of children's beds, with exquisite fabrics and gauze curtains, which can bring innocence and romance to the fullest. Fourth, according to the function configuration to buy 1. Three-dimensional use of the bed, if the baby room is not big, in order to give the baby more game space, make full use of the space of the bunk bed is also a good choice. The lower layer is for the baby to sleep, the upper layer can become a baby's entertainment place, and various toys can be stacked to facilitate the elderly or the babysitter to take care of the baby. But for the younger and less honest little guys, the bunk bed seems to be dangerous. Mommy can choose to install the guardrail. When needed, install one for the baby and block it next to it. 2. The bed with the storage function has a lot of toys and clothes. Therefore, you should pay attention to the storage function when purchasing. It is a good idea to configure the children's bed with drawers and cabinets under the bed. Inside, you can store clothes or put some small toys, you can also put some bedding, put things that are not commonly used inside, and reduce the mess in the house. 3. The bed that can be freely combined likes to change, so the kind of bed that can adapt to different growth stages of baby, combined with countless different layout schemes is also a very good choice. A basic bed can be turned into a raised bed, an upper and lower bed, an L-shaped bed, a flat combination, or it can be changed back to the original. At the same time, beds and slides, desks, wardrobes, bookshelves, tents, etc. can also be combined and changed! Give the baby an imaginary space!

Reliable reputation chrome plated style bathroom brass sink Waste Kit Pipe

Details & Features: 1 1/4"  Chrome plated brass, public wash basin waste , no overflow, 63mm flange x 75mm long chrome plated brass sleeve, chrome plated cast brassbacknut,with chrome plate brass extension pipe
Type: Public Wash Basin Waste
Size: G1 1/4"
Material: Brass
Finish: Chrome plated
Samples Free samples avaliable (Freight is not included)
MOQ: 500pcs
Payment method: L/C or T/T 
Lead time: Depends on the quantity
Package: Outer packaging: Carton Box
Inner packaging: white/colour box or blister package or customized 

Waste Pipe

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