Recently, the “big brothers” in Nanjing home furnishing stores are busy innovating: the facade of Yuexing Home Yixianqiao has been basically remodeled, showing a new look; Yonglong Home has used it to decorate Hexi shop. The green climbing plant on the façade was planted; the Red Star International Home Central Road Store and the Olympic Sports Store were on the wrong track. Looking at the excitement, the reporter found that these three stores unanimously locked the future development goals at the high end. Furniture market. So coincidentally, is it a timely follow-up, or a well-thought-out scientific choice? There are tens of thousands of furniture, and there is no shortage of buyers. The person in charge of Red Star International Home said: "High-end furniture must be more noble than ordinary furniture. If you consider the price, a set of leather sofas can cost as much as 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. More than 100,000 yuan of fine products. And a set of master bedroom full set of furniture is fully equipped, generally need to spend more than 30,000 yuan. If it is a luxury brand of furniture, the price is even more scary, and some even a bed up to dozens According to the person in charge, the reason why high-end furniture is expensive is that because of its superior material, it is usually made of fine materials and fine workmanship; secondly, it is fashionable and reasonable in style and shape. With a cultural charm, even if used for many years, it will not appear "old soil." “Nanjing consumers are becoming more and more tolerant of high-end furniture. Even the high-priced furniture, there are no shortage of buyers.” Because the consumption demand of high-end furniture is expanding, many home stores will target the future development of high-end furniture. market. Ji Xiaowen, deputy general manager of Red Star International Home, said: "After the opening of the Olympic store, we have strengthened the image of the central location of the world-class brand in the central road store, and it has to be the base for the release of Nanjing furniture trend, which is misplaced with the Olympic store. Considering the radius of consumption, the positioning of the old-fashioned stores is relatively old in terms of demand. It is not enough to rely on the previous popularity and influence. Now younger buyers have higher requirements for the environment and fashion, so there are also stores for themselves. The shopping environment has changed. Yonglong Home Hexi store is going to take the high-end international brand route. Wan Wenyi, general manager of Yonglong Home, explains this. He said: "This upgrade is our decision after re-evaluating the radius of consumption in Hexi." According to the survey of real estate owners, they found that the potential consumer groups of Hexidian have certain economic capabilities and longing for a modern and fashionable home environment, which also has high requirements for product quality. "If we operate in the current product portfolio, we may not be able to meet the needs of consumers." And instead of upgrading the Hexi store instead of upgrading the card store, Wan Wenyi said that it is based on their market tone. "Moon Star and Red Star have large scales in the shopping malls of Kazimen, the environment is good, and the products are of high grade. We really don't need to open a similar type of home store on the same street." Continue the brand image and upgrade the "soft and hard" The upgrade of the facade of Yuexing Home Yixianqiao has been basically completed. The new facade is exactly the same as the European style of Yuexing Kazi, which is very eye-catching. According to the person in charge of Yuexing Home, while the façade is being upgraded, Yuexing will also improve the internal environment of the Yixianqiao store and “transform blood” the internal brands. After the completion of the transformation, Yuexing will become a large-scale integrated home store that integrates the world's well-known home brands and services. When talking about the reasons for the upgrade, the person in charge was deeply touched. “After more than ten years of development, Yuexing has become a well-known brand among Nanjing citizens. However, with the further improvement of the living standards of Nanjing residents, people’s quality requirements for home life are also changing. The current store environment and brand structure have Can not meet the consumer's requirements for high-quality home life. In order to meet the consumer's shopping needs, continue to maintain the image of Yuexing home high-end quality home store, the group decided to re-upgrade Yuexing Home Yixianqiao store."

6 Zones Door Frame Metal Detector:

6 zones door frame metal detector is a popular metal detection security door, which is economical and practical. The six overlapping detection areas of the door are combined with the LED column lights on both sides of the door to accurately determine the position of metal objects. The digital control technology of the microprocessor is adopted, and the anti-interference ability is strong. , stable performance, detection sensitivity can be directly adjusted from 0-99.

Widely used in factories, exhibitions, halls, private clubs, stadiums, entertainment venues, etc.

6 Zones Door Frame Metal Detector

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