1, the floor to buy moisture resistance is essential

Floors with poor moisture resistance, under long-term "steaming" of the ground, once the moisture enters, the edges of the floor will surely warp, causing floor damage. The high-quality floor uses a high-density substrate, which is excellent in moisture resistance, and the water-absorption thickness expansion rate is far less than the national standard. In addition, the special wear-resistant layer, decorative paper, and balance layer can “close” the substrate well, ensuring better moisture resistance of the floor as a whole.

2, pavement need to pay attention

The paving of the floor is not arbitrary, due to the large temperature difference between day and night in spring, so in the paving of floor and floor tiles should pay attention to moisture and other issues. Therefore, it is best to store the wooden floor at room temperature of 16°C to 18°C ​​for two days before paving. In addition, the best time to install the floor in sunny weather, it is best to install in about 7 days are sunny, no rain, do not install the floor before the ground dry.

3, proper and proper floor maintenance

The room humidity should be adjusted flexibly. The floor is very sensitive to the humidity of the air. If the air is too humid, the floor is easy to mold and deform. When wet, the floor is prone to water swelling, resulting in arching, deformation and so on. In hot weather, the water vapor on the surface of the floor often needs to be dry with a dry cloth, and the dehumidification function needs to be turned on periodically for dehumidification. Indoor ventilation also needs to be carried out in a timely manner. At noon, the air humidity is at the highest value. It is not appropriate to open the window. Generally, the window is adjusted when the afternoon is dry. In addition, the daily maintenance of wood floors also includes waxing. When wood floors are used for a period of time, they need to be waxed again. This will not only release moisture from the construction work, but also extend the service life of the floor. In addition, the floor should be waxed once a quarter to maintain the light and waterproof properties of the floor surface.

4, activated carbon dampens the floor

Activated carbon can keep the floor in a good humidity environment. Due to the dual effects of moisture absorption and moisturizing of activated carbon (two-way humidity adjustment), the floor can not be cracked during long-term use, and moisture will not be generated when the floor has moisture; in the rainy season, this effect is more pronounced.

5, clean attention to control the amount of water

In the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary item. General stains can be treated with a soft dry cloth, and they must be cleaned with a cloth that has to be cleaned with water. The floor that is wiped is best to open doors and windows immediately to allow the air to circulate and dry the floor. In wet weather, wipe again with a dry cloth and then dehumidify with an air conditioner.

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