The toilet bowl is an indispensable part of the bathroom. In many cases, in order to save the decoration costs, everyone chooses to buy the toilet bowl to install, but do you really understand how to install a toilet? Even if it is for the decoration company's workers to help install, you also have to understand how to install the toilet, so that you can know when the acceptance is correct, so as not to repair later mistakes is very troublesome. Here we will learn how to install the toilet and toilet installation method and installation price.

The installation time of toilets is generally selected when the decoration is about to be completed. The reason is very simple, to avoid bruising during construction or to avoid soiling the toilet bowl. Before the installation, of course, the product must first be inspected to confirm whether the product is missing or damaged. Open the tank lid and find out what the water inside is.

How to install the toilet

1. Take out the pipe plug of the ground water outlet and check that there is no debris in the pipe. Clean the area around the nozzle.

2. Align the outlet pipe of the toilet with the nozzle of the water pipe, make sure that the pipe is flush, and draw a mark on the hole of the toilet bolt and remove the toilet bowl.

3. Drill a hole with a diameter of 20 mm and a depth of 60 mm at the imprint, insert a 10 mm diameter bolt into the hole, secure it with cement, align the eye of the toilet with the bolt, align it with the mark, and place the seat after the test. The toilet was removed. Put putty around the outlet of the toilet bowl and the nozzle of the water pipe, and then align the four bolt holes of the toilet with the bolt, lay it flat and align it. Put a rubber pad on the bolt and screw it on until the nut is tight.

4. Align the rear center of the toilet and draw a vertical line. Draw a horizontal line at a height of 800 mm from the ground. Draw a seal on the horizontal line according to the positions of the two side holes on the back of the tank. Play a diameter of 30 mm and a depth of 70 at the hole. Millimeter hole. Insert a bolt 10 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length into the hole and secure it with cement. Hang the back water tank on the bolts, align and align them, especially align with the center of the toilet bowl. Put a good rubber pad on the bolts, screw on the nuts, and tighten them to a moderate degree.

5. When installing the backwater tank elbow, first remove the nuts of the backwater tank outlet and the toilet water inlet, and put it back to back on the water elbow. The rubber pads are also placed on the sewage pipe. Insert the upper end of the water elbow into the drain of the back tank, insert the lower end into the water inlet of the toilet, push the pad to the nozzle, screw on the nut, straighten the water elbow and straighten it, and tighten it with the pliers. Moderate.

6. When using the eight-character door to connect the Sheung Shui, the size of the water tank's slopping door should be measured first, and the short section should be prepared. The eight-character door should be installed and put into the upper water pipe mouth. If the copper tube or plastic tube is cut off, it is necessary to use the mother of the lamp fork to bend the mother. Then the back of the drifting door and the eight-word door nut are put back on the copper tube or the plastic tube, and the tube is wrapped with oil-wool asbestos rope or lead-oil twine. Insert the drift door and eight-word door entrance and exit, tighten the nut.

Toilet installation method and installation price

The installation fee for the toilet seat may vary according to the region. The general price is about 100 yuan. In order to reduce the trouble in the future life, it is recommended that when installing the toilet, a professional is required to install it.

1. Before installation, conduct a comprehensive inspection on the sewage pipeline to see if there is mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipeline. Check whether the floor of the toilet installation is horizontal. If uneven ground is found, install the toilet. Ground leveling. Saw the outlet short and allow the outlet to be as high as 2mm-5mm above the ground as far as conditions permit.

2. Before you select the toilet, first determine the size of the toilet in your home, then select any style you like based on the size.

3, before the installation of the toilet to determine whether your choice of products, accessories, instructions are complete, take a closer look at the instructions to understand some of the product issues.

4, the outlet requires the installer to deal with the formation of the toilet, the bottom of the toilet to install the toilet seat flange, or smear glass glue and the outlet uniform, the bottom of the toilet, around the plastic, toilet and wall gap evenly placed Correct and stable.

5, after the toilet seat in place requires no leakage of water, water level is correct, flushing, flexible switch, stable cover.

6, now installed toilets generally do not install the foot screws, but the use of glass adhesive plug the reserved hole in the toilet to prevent taste.

7. If installing anchor bolts, first use the special sealant installed on the toilet, and apply evenly at the outer 2CM of the toilet drain outlet. The water outlet of the toilet should be facing the central position of the drainage pipe and draw a good seat. The position of the swell bolt on the right and left side of the toilet, take the toilet, punch, and bury the bolt. It should be noted that this newly punched swell plug pre-buried the hole and may break the waterproof layer. It is recommended to embed the expansion screws. At the same time, fill in the sealant around the hole, and then bury the bolt, first screw the expansion bolt, let the expansion bolt completely open, strengthen its pull, then screw the upper screw, put the toilet, Then directly screw the screw, cap, keep the overall appearance. At the meeting place between the toilet bowl and the outer surface of the floor, because the toilet bowl and the ground surface are not integrated, it can be stirred with a seaming agent and a transparent sealant to seal the outer mouth of the toilet bowl and maintain its integrity with the ground surface. Partial toilet water can also be blocked at the periphery of the toilet.

8, after the installation of the toilet should wait until the glass glue (putty) or cement mortar curing can be used after the release of water, curing time is generally 24 hours.

9, finally install or debug tank accessories.

Summary: After reading so much information about the installation of toilets, we also learned a lot about the installation of toilets. If you do not want to find workers, you can install them yourself according to the steps in the text, because the installation of toilets does not If you think of high-tech work, you will have less installation fees if you can get it yourself. The above is a brief introduction to how to install the toilet and toilet installation method. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.


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